Primark Haul

I bought a few things when I went to Primark in the week so I thought I may as well do another haul.

Primark haul - letter board, Disney Winnie The Pooh cushion & Disney Thumper t-shirt

So this is what I bought this time…

Disney Winnie The Pooh cushion from Primark, another cushion in the background, on a storage stool

This lovely Disney Winnie The Pooh cushion, one side is Winnie The Pooh and the other is covered in bees which is great. I actually saw this on Imogen’s Twitter (@imogen_chloe27) before I went and really liked it. When I bought it they had just one left (I know!) so it was by chance really that I managed to get it. I’m not totally sure whether this is going to live on my chair, my storage stool or as an addition to my bed, I’ve not decided yet.

Next up is this letter board, I’ve been thinking about getting a letter board for a while then I saw this one with it’s copper edging and was like okay, I think it’s time I bought one of these… when I’d sorted out all the letters and things (you have to extract them off of lines of plastic) my mum came in at that point and ended up writing Days Of Fun on it (she’s a fan of if too).

copper A4 letter board from Primark

I also bought this very cute Disney Thumper t-shirt, I love how he’s peering over the top of the pocket. I think it’s great how many Disney things Primark has.

Disney Thumper t-shirt from Primark

The only other thing I bought that I haven’t included in the pictures here was another packet of beauty Blender Sponges.

What’s your favourite item from what I’ve bought here, have you bought anything from Primark recently?


14 thoughts on “Primark Haul

  1. Imogen Chloe

    I’m so glad you managed to pick one up, wherever it goes it will look perfect! I’ve wanted one of those letter boards for ages too so I may have to go finally pick one up! Great post, their Disney collection is too lovely at the moment!

  2. Tegan Carr

    I love the letter board been trying to convince my boyfriend to get me one for my birthday but I’ll see ? love everything ?

  3. Lyd

    I love how Primark manage to keep all the cuteness in their Disney products, while still making them look suitable for adult buyers. The gold foil and leaf detail on the Winnie The Pooh cushion make it the perfect mix of cute and chic!



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