Summer In The Garden

I already did a Spring In The Garden blog post earlier this year so I thought it might be a good idea to do a summer one too, especially since yet more plants have been added to the garden recently (we’re really getting underway with the garden transformation now, I mean it’s possible it’s actually, maybe nearly finished!)

summer in the garden - coneflower

nemesia flowers

These little purple flowers are brilliant, they just kept flowering even through all the hot weather and they’re still flowering now. The proper name for them is a nemesia.

fuchsia and sunflower

I don’t know if it’s just me but bright pink fuchsias are so hard to photograph, the brightness really clashes with the light and the photos often end up not that great but I managed to get a few better photos of one of them the other day which I was pleased about because fuchsias are so nice. Next to it is a photo of the lovely sunflower.

4 different flowers, antirrhinum, fuchsia and 2 others

Here’s 4 pictures of 4 different flowers (I know I’ve shared this fuchsia on my blog before but it’s one of my faves so here’s another more recent photo of it) on the bottom right is an antirrhinum and then there’s a couple of other flowers as well.

scabious plus rabbit ornament

How cool is this rabbit? We bought him the other week, he looks like he’s surveying his area haha. The flower in the other photo is the lovely scabious, we’ve got two plants of these and they were added to the garden last year.

pink flower and lupin flower

Next up we have some pink flowers, on the right is one of the flower stems from the lupin plant. How lovely are they as well!

lobelia plant

This pretty pink one was added to a pot recently, it’s a lobelia, Starship Deep Rose.


Last but not least is the coneflower, which kind of remind me of sunflowers (well they are yellow!) The coneflower is also the first picture in the post too.

Summer is never quite like spring but there’s still been a lot of wonderful flowers in the garden recently.

What have been your favourite plants or flowers this summer?


10 responses to “Summer In The Garden”

  1. So jealous of all the beautiful flowers in your garden! I couldn’t even keep my indoor parsley plant alive. Glad I can admire all of your plant babies though!

    • Aww, glad you enjoyed the post! To be honest it was touch and go for a couple here in the hot weather this year. x

  2. This is YOUR garden?! It is professional-level stuff, I love it. I’m also a wee bit jealous as I can grow anything apart from weeds around here. Simply stunning!

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