Recipe: Summer Glazed Shortbread

A summery bake from me today that I baked last week, summer glazed shortbread – nectarine shortbread topped with glazed icing and pieces of freeze dried raspberry.

summer glazed shortbread

Ingredients used:
50g caster sugar
100g butter
160g plain flour
1 nectarine

…and for the topping
Sainsbury’s freeze dried raspberry pieces
Icing sugar

ingredients used for summer glazed shortbread

I started off by mixing the sugar and butter together, I then added 130g of the flour. I decided this time to add the flour in two parts rather than end up having to add extra in anyway after adding the fruit to the mixture.

shortbread mixture in progress, 3 pics in 1

Once I’d mixed the first lot of flour in, I cut the nectarine up and liquidised it, then I added this to the mixture and added the rest of the flour.

When it was all mixed together I picked up handfuls of mixture and made them into flat circular shapes with my hands and put them on greaseproof paper on a baking tray. I used a fork to make holes in each one at this point as well.

nectarine shortbread on baking tray

I preheated the oven to 190c and baked them for around 15 minutes, until they started browning slightly.

baked nectarine shortbread on plate

Once they had cooled I mixed up some icing using icing sugar and water and with a spoon I added it onto each biscuit, I then put a handful of the raspberry pieces onto each one… and that’s them finished and ready to eat (well, once the icing has set!) I really liked how these turned out, I especially liked the crackled effect the icing gave them when you went to break them to eat them after they’d set.

shortbread, part of one

What do you guys think?


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