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This is the first time I’ve joined in with a reading prompt from the Blogger Book Nook, the first month I joined I think it was towards the latter end of the month so no time to read a new book and then last month the book I would have picked was one I’d already read and not a new read but this month I had a couple of books on my to read list that would easily fit in with this prompt so I decided to get reading and join in. Plus it’s the perfect time of year for this sort of read too.

Blogger Book Nook Summer Romance, photo of the sea

Are you a fan of the classic summer romance read? Or do you tend to pick up another genre when you go on holiday?
I haven’t actually been on a holiday in ages so I can’t answer this question in a literal way but I do love reading chick lit books, they can be like the rom coms of the fiction world and I love summery reads too, so in answer to the question, I do like reading a summer romance novel.

Who’s your favourite romance author & what’s your favourite book written by them? Why?
I’m going to have to say Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Series – the first one, Confessions of a Shopaholic, where we were first introduced to Becky and Luke, their love story has been one of my all time favourites in a book.

Love triangles.. yay or nay?
I think yes, I mean they can be the big mystery of a romance story – and I love a good mystery, whose Rosie going to choose – Brian or Jack? (I just made those names up, they aren’t from any actual bookish love triangle that I know of).

If you were stranded on an island, what book WOULDN’T you want to be stuck with?
A short story, if you really were stranded wouldn’t you want the book to take a while to read.

If you were a character in a romance novel, what would be your ideal/dream love story?
Meet a great guy, get to know each other, he’d have to be ambitious and me with a great career too. We’d hang out and go on super cool adventures together.

Mini Review

…And here’s the part of the post where I review the book I’ve been reading this month which has been this lovely one – The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon.

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon book

My rating: 4/5

So, what’s the book about?

Laura, having just found her husband has been keeping a secret from her from just before they got married, she goes off on holiday with her best friend Marty and Marty’s friend Bridget to Florida but as the holiday goes on and Laura starts falling for another guy she really doesn’t want to return home…

I want to start off by saying, I loved reading this book! It truly is a brilliant summer read.

I haven’t read any books by this author before but I knew once I got into reading it that I’d miss the characters when I’d finished it. My favourite characters in the book were Leo, Bridget and Jorge. Of course I was rooting for Laura too (I loved it when she went all cleaner mode) I really think her turning up made a positive change to all their lives. Marty really annoyed me at times and obviously I wasn’t that keen on Matthew either.

It was such a lovely story, filled with love, drama (especially towards the end of the book with the drama) sad and uplifting moments too. The ending was just perfect though.

I did see a Tweet from Paige Toon on Twitter recently about a possible mini story between Leo and Laura – yes, please do!


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      That’s great Ellis, I love reading people’s bookish posts for reading inspo too. 🙂 x


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