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I first came across this tag over on Steff’s Journey then I saw it again yesterday on Clem Loves and since Clementine said she was tagging anyone who wants to give it a go I thought I’d join in.

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1. Shower in the morning or evening? In the evening, I’m just not that organised for morning showers, I do have them sometimes but not as often as in the evening.

2. City centre or close to nature? I love visiting cities but I also love being close to nature and taking photos of flowers and wildlife so nature’s going to win this one for me I think.

3. Bright colours or neutrals? It’s got to be bright colours for me, I mean I do love pastels but bright vs neutral, it’s got to be bright – pinks, yellows, purples… I have a bit of an eclectic style to be honest, I love mixing and matching colours with my style and homeware.

4. Spring or autumn? Spring is probably my favourite season, especially with all the pretty plants that start to flower again after the winter. I am a fan of autumn too though.

5. Mint or cinammon? Cinammon – it’s one of my go-to flavours now!

6. Planned or spontaneous? I much prefer spur of the moment to planned.

7. A movie at home or at the cinema? At home, I’ve not been to the cinema for ages.

8. Espresso or late? Neither, unless it’s decaf.

9. Hugs or kisses? Hugs!

10. Spicy or mild food? Mild, I’m not all that keen on too much spicy food.

11. Leather or lace? Absolutely love a faux leather jacket.

12. Overdressed or underdressed? Overdressed, I love dressing up for an ocassion.

13. Adventure or comfort? A bit of both, I love going on adventures (days out) but you know, I’m all about comfortable shoes.

14. TV series or movie? TV series, I watch way more TV than I do movies. I’ve currently got episodes of Station 19 and NCIS to watch from last week.

15. Rock or country music? Country music definitely, I’m listening to a country song right now actually – Kellie Pickler’s Red High Heels.

16. Red or white wine? Can I say neither, I don’t really like wine unless it’s got a summery fruit flavour to it.

17.Working alone or in a team? I love being in a team but I’m just as happy working solo.

18. Swimming or sunbathing? Neither, I don’t swim and sunbathing isn’t really my thing, I prefer to be doing something like gardening rather than just sitting still in the garden or walking by the sea instead of sitting on the beach.

19. Fast food or sit-down restaurant? A bit of both, I do love a take-away though.

20. Matched or mismatched socks? I rarely (if ever!) wear mismatched socks because they’re nearly always folded in pairs so it’s just as easy to get a pair out and mismatching would actually require more effort for me.

21. Dancing or singing? Singing (not when other people are around though)!

22. Phone or the internet? Internet, I’ve never really been one for phone calls.

…and I thought I’d add a few of my own to the end of this.

23. Hardbacks or paperbacks? Paperbacks, but I will buy a hardback if there’s a book I really want to read that’s only been released in hardback at the point I decide I want to read it.

24. Ice cream or a fruit sorbet? Ice cream, definitely. I’ve never been that into sorbets.

25. Writing or photography? As much as I love words I’m going to have to say photography for this one.

I’m not going to tag anyone in particular here so if you want to give this a go then please do! Let me know in the comments if you do.


2 thoughts on “Tag: This Or That Challenge

  1. Clementine

    Great answers! ?
    Loved reading this. Also loving the extra questions. I love paperbacks, but I’m always so scared of bending the cover! I do like fruit sorbet, but I do love a bit of ice cream. Also with the last question, that’s a tough one. I think I’m going to have to go with photography, as I do love taking photos.
    Clem xx

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Clem and about the covers of paperbacks, I am too! I always find hardbacks more cumbersome to read though. x


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