Recipe: Banana Cake Squares

Since it’s World Baking Day I thought today would be the perfect time to share the recipe for these banana cake squares I baked last week.

banana cake squares, a close-up


100g butter
95g caster sugar
100g self raising flour (plus some extra)
2 eggs
semi-skimmed milk
1 banana
icing sugar

Makes: 30 squares


I decided to mix all the ingredients for the cake mixture together in the same bowl this time rather than measure them all out separately. I just reset the scales to 0 for each measurable ingredient I added.

First I mixed together the butter and sugar, then I added 2 eggs and mixed it all together using an electric whisk. I added the flour, stirred it in and added a small amount of milk.

I removed the skin from the banana and liquidised it then I added it to the cake mix, I stirred it in along with a bit more flour which I added at this point.

Now it’s time to get it ready to put in the oven – I greased a baking tray (I use butter and flour for this) and added the cake mixture to the tray.

greasing a baking tray
cake mixture in baking tray

I preheated the oven to 190C and baked it for 18-20 minutes (until it was cooked through properly).

baked banana cake in baking tray

Once it had finished baking I added some icing sugar on top of the cake using a small sieve (easier said than done – I had to re-route some with a flat knife where it had gone on a bit thick in places!) next I cut the cake into squares, I then removed the squares from the baking tray and put them onto a plate to serve.

banana cake cut into squares
banana cake squares on a plate

Are any of you doing any baking today?


2 thoughts on “Recipe: Banana Cake Squares

  1. Bexa

    Yum! I love bananas! These cakes look and sound delicious! ? I love how you cut them into little squares too, they look perfect to have with a cuppa. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe Victoria ? xx

    Bexa |


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