Decorating The House For Easter

Putting little Easter chickens around the home at Easter has been a family tradition of ours for as long as I can remember, over the years we’ve added a few new ones into the mix and more recently I bought these lovely pastel coloured chickens. You can also see them in my post here: TV shows I’ve been watching recently.

a line of Easter chickens

This pink chicken hasn’t always worn sunglasses, these were a quick addition this evening, I’m not sure where the chicken’s gone that is supposed to be wearing these but they must have fallen off so this one can wear them for now. The bunny is a very recent addition too, I bought this in a pack of 4 from Tesco earlier in the week.

pink Easter chicken wearing sunglasses and a Easter bunny

Easter chickens, badges

Easter decorations on top of the cubes

This is what the top of my cubes look like right now, along with the card in the picture below.

Easter card

How lovely is this Easter card from my parents that mum made me?!

3 Easter chickens on the desk

The chickens on my desk.

Easter at a The Sims Freeplay house

And of course my The Sims Freeplay house had to get in on the Easter decorating too, I love these cute decorations they added in again this year.

Do you decorate your house at all for Easter?


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