When Spring Got Lost In The Snow

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring according to the meteorological calendar but we’ve had so much snow here in the past 24 or so hours, I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow before.

snow in the garden

It started in town on Wednesday evening when I looked out and thought the town looked a bit shiny and white in the distance.

town in the distance

Then yesterday morning it started snowing properly and didn’t really stop all day, we’ve had a bit more today but nothing like yesterday, by last night our ornamental mushroom was nearly disappearing. This is what it looked like this morning with icicles hanging from it.

mushroom ornament covered in snow and icicles

It baffled the wild birds too, for a while they didn’t want to land in it at all, I think they felt they were going to sink, I can’t blame them really.

male blackbird in the snow

The day before we had trouble putting water out because it kept freezing over, in the end we resulted to using old plastic pots that used to be for our food to put some water in then yesterday their food kept disappearing under the snow, birds just aren’t used to this sort of weather around here and neither are we.

male blackbird behind ice covered blossom bush in the snow

icicles on the guttering

Today we had several surprise visitors though – we do have a thrush whose resident around here but this morning mum came in and said there’s quite a few thrushes out there then I went to the window thinking oh yeah, 5 or 6 but no there must have been 50-100, they kept taking off from the shrubbery, going to the tree, taking a tour of the neighbourhood and coming back again. They must have migrated here in all this cold weather. There had been some berries left on some of the bushes so they kept coming back to eat them.

two thrushes

three thrushes in the shrubbery

I’ve loved seeing them all here though, our resident blackbird, sparrows and pigeons have been around too. Today we ended up chucking their food – suet and seed, from the back door, it didn’t take long for them to find it across the ‘where’s the grass gone it’s now snow’ lawn area.

female blackbird stood on the snow

sparrows on the snow

grape hyacinth in the snow

ornamental bicycle in the snow

What’s the snow been like where you are?


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    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Lauren! Maybe you’ll still get some yet – there’s a Mini Beast from the East around this weekend. x


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