Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

So today is the first day of this year’s RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, which is running from the 27th – 29th January.

male blackbird stood on wall

We’ve been feeding the birds for a number of years now and I think this Birdwatch is a great thing to take part in. If you don’t know what it is, it’s where people taken an hour out of their day to look out and see which birds come to visit their garden (or local park) and make a note of it to share on the website – one thing to note though, only count the type of bird once so if you see 6 sparrows then another 2 half an hour later, you can only count 6 because the other 2 might be returning again – find out more info on how to take part on the RSPB website.

sparrow stood on wall

My results from today’s one hour count (which I’m going to submit on the website in a bit)

Blackbirds: 4 (2 male, 2 female)
Robin: 1
Wood-pigeons: 2
Sparrows: 9

We have several regular visitors to our garden – blackbirds, sparrows, wood-pigeons and more. We even had a chaffinch and a couple of long-tailed tits here recently.

another sparrow stood on wall

Mr Blackbird has his own way of asking for more food – if he sees us by the backdoor he’ll run over, look up at us like ‘more suet, pleaaase!’ the sparrows have got in on the act too, if they hear us talking in the lounge they’ll start flying up and down the window to try and get our attention.

It was all Mr Robin who started this off a couple of years ago when he started following me around the garden, I’d give him bits of suet as I was weeding/digging/putting plants in the garden, one day when I was out there and we were talking to the robin a Mr Blackbird appeared and I’m sure he looked jealous, from that day on he started hanging around more too though not like Mr Robin.

More recently Mr Blackbird has taken to waiting under the bushes next to where we put the food and he’ll pop out to eat some while we’re still stood there, it’s turned into a bit of a thing now – throw the suet, wait – he eats, then we finish putting the food out (dried meal worms/sunflower hearts) other seed too sometimes. A sparrow decided to pop down and eat while I was still stood there for the first time today too. Normally they hide away in the bushes or wait on the wall. It’s lovely to see so much wildlife visit the garden.

female blackbird stood on fence



While taking photos of the birds I ended up getting some flower photos as well so I thought I’d share a couple of these too, the Halleborus plant and some snowdrops.

Sparrows are so hard to count when they’re going from bush to ground to bird bath to wall, they move so quickly!

sparrow on top of leafy bush

I got a photo of this thrush earlier on before I started the count, unfortunately she didn’t come back during the hour. We also have some great tits who pop in sometimes too who weren’t here either then.

thrush bird

Are you joining in with the Birdwatch this year?


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