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So much for me being all no I’m not doing any more Blogmas posts yesterday… Today I finally got round to making some Christmas gift tags, this is something I’ve liked doing for a while now. I did see someone else do a gift tag post on their blog which did actually give me the idea to blog about these but I can’t remember who it was now or I’d mention them here.

Christmas gift tags, trees, reindeer and snowflakes

crafting supplies

I basically went on a bit of a crafting spending spree in Hobbycraft again the other week over a couple of visits and bought various things for card making including glitter card, wobbly eyes, a snowflake craft punch and felt amongst other things.

making the reindeer gift tag

Unfortunately I lost one of the reindeer noses and had to cut another one out (still cannot find it!) to stick both the eyes and nose on I used a small piece of double sided tape. I then drew the antlers and feet straight onto the card.

snowflake craft punch

This snowflake craft punch is so awesome, I think this is probably the first one I’ve bought that cuts out a shape like this but it’s brilliant, not only do you get the cut out shape but you obviously get the piece of paper it cut out as well. I made use of both of these on the snowflake gift tag. And this was on sale when I bought it so definitely a win.

For the Christmas tree gift tags I cut out a piece of blue glitter card, cut out half a felt Christmas tree and glued them on, then glued on a few craft punched snowflakes.

I’m pretty sure the stick on gems are by Papermania at docrafts and the piece of plain white card I used is by WHSmith.

gift tag and hole punch

One of the last things I did was punch a hole into the corner of each card, I used this small purple hole punch that probably goes back to the 90s, I got it as a free gift in one of the magazines I used to read (Top of the Pops? Smash Hits?) I still use it now and I still have the stapler that came with it too.

completed gift tag

Last but not least I fed a piece of material through to attach them to the presents. This is going to sound a bit random here – you know those bits of material you get in tops/t-shirts to help hang them on hangers, well they often annoy me and get in the way so I tend to cut them out and then re-use them when gift tag making, I’ve got a little pile of them I put by to use and have done gift tags like this for a few years.

Now all I need to do is wrap one more parcel and write and attach the tags.

What do you guys think of these, do you like making your own gift tags?


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