Blogmas | Book Review: Christmas in St Ives by Miranda Dickinson

A Christmassy book review for another Blogmas post, because it’s an eBook I don’t have a paper/hardback copy of the book to take a photo of so I decided to include one of my photos of St Ives here instead.

St Ives sea/landscape

My rating: 5/5


I loved this, the story is so brilliant and festive, it has a lovely mix of characters and is mainly about four friends – Cerrie who is trying to distract herself from her failed love life with the Christmas school play, Seren whose trying to figure out what to do with her life next then there’s their other two friends Aggie and Kieran as they all get caught up in the planning for the big Christmas lantern parade. Each of the four characters tell their story throughout the book, swapping back and forth between the characters each chapter which is great. Miranda writes her characters so effortlessly and this book was no exception.

I bought it the day it was released but then stopped myself from reading anymore until last week, as it was a Christmas story I wanted to wait until December to finish reading it, then I ended up reading the last 70% of it in one day, that’s how brilliant it is.

It’s set in St Ives which to me is like the creative hub of Cornwall so I was definitely excited to read it for that reason. It was so magical though, the Christmassy elements were wonderful, the decorations and the descriptions of them really brought the story to life. I had no idea about the real life festival there but it was lovely to read this story.

I think my favourite characters in the story were… actually I liked them all, ok apart from one – David, ugh! Aggie was probably my most favourite in the end, which surprised me because I didn’t really take to her at the start. Also, one of the main characters, Cerrie, has my surname which I loved.

I loved the ending as well, I can’t wait to continue reading the story when Somewhere Beyond The Sea is released next year.

So if you want a wonderful, heartwarming story to read this Christmas then go and check this eBook out!


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