Blogmas | Recipe: Christmas Banana Shortbread

Welcome to the first Blogmas post on this blog, I’m starting this a little bit late (and not actually going to be blogging every day) but between now and the 24th expect to see several Christmas themed posts on my blog. I decided I still wanted to join in with Blogmas in some small way, so Blogmas for me this year is going to be about posting Christmas content without putting the pressure on myself to post every day like I did with Blogtober, especially since that was only a month or so ago. That was fun but very hard work and I didn’t want to commit to something like that again so soon, but I do love Christmas and blogging so here goes… Christmas banana shortbread!

Christmas tree and snowflake shaped banana shortbread biscuits

Making the shortbread mixture

Ingredients used for the shortbread:
50g caster sugar
100g butter
150g plain flour (plus some extra)
1 banana


Once I mixed the sugar and butter together and stirred in the flour I then liquidised a banana and stirred that into the mixture (you can use whatever you want here, it doesn’t have to be a banana, you could of course keep them plain if you want to) I know banana isn’t very Christmassy but I’ve already done orange before which you can find here – Fresh Orange Shortbread Biscuits then stir in a bit of extra flour, like I did when I made the orange ones just to keep the consistency there now you’ve added the banana.

chopped banana
banana added to shortbread mixture

I then rolled the mixture out using my hands and cut the mixture into Christmassy shapes using a couple of biscuit cutters we got a while back (aside from one which I just flattened into a circular shape with the last bit of mixture I used – I didn’t ice this one either).

I dotted some holes into the now shaped shortbread (I was going for tinsel on the trees and a snowflake pattern on the snowflakes) and put them onto a piece of greaseproof paper on a baking tray.

shortbread ready to bake, on baking tray

Pre-heat the oven and bake them for around 15 minutes.

Once baked I then transferred them onto a plate and here comes the fun part next… decorating the shortbread.

shortbread biscuits

Decorate your shortbread

Ingredients used for toppings:
Icing sugar (and water to make the icing)
Cadbury Bournville cocoa powder (the for baking type)
Tesco white chocolate stars
Tesco triple chocolate curls
Tesco pink and purple hundreds and thousands
Tesco sugar snowflakes
Tesco milk chocolate chips

We did do a bit of a quick dash to Tesco before I started this to get some extra topping ingredients.

shortbread toppings and shortbread

I mixed the icing sugar with some water in a dish (with a bit of help from my mum – really you’re never too old for a bit of extra help from mum!) I was honestly so unsure about the icing part, I didn’t want it to all fall flat and turn into an absolute mess. I didn’t stick to a specific amount or anything for this, just mix it/add water or icing sugar until it’s a consistency you’re happy with for the amount you want.

Then start adding your other toppings onto the icing… I ended up using about three different plates, one with the non-iced shortbread on, another to start icing, another to transfer the iced shortbread onto (which changed into a second plate to use to put the icing on, one ended up being for the cocoa powdered ones and another for the plain) doing it this way they did end up with some icing on the bottom of them which just gave them that bit of extra something I think. The ones I sprinkled a bit of cocoa powder onto, I just used a small strainer to shake a bit on.

three more decorated shortbread biscuits

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments if you give these a try. Also, what do you think of my new header image? I decided to make the blog look a bit Christmassy too.


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