Happy Halloween!

Today is the final day of Blogtober and this post is going to be all about pumpkins!

2 pumpkins

I had this idea of getting two pumpkins this year, one small one and one of these tiny Munchkin ones, I got both of these from Sainsbury’s.

How many seeds do pumpkins have though, seriously? Even in this small pumpkin there were loads! It felt like they were going on forever.

pumpkin and seeds

I decided to draw a few bats on the pumpkin as well,  I then indented the design slightly into the pumpkin. We’ve had bats visit our garden this year so I wanted to add some in somewhere.

bats on pumpkin

I put a little flickering battery tea light in the carved pumpkin, I got a pack of gold coloured ones from Fermoys garden centre a few weeks ago.

2 pumpkins, one carved and lit up

lit up carved pumpkin

I was going to bake a few pumpkin shortbread biscuits as well but because the pumpkin wasn’t very big, I found there wasn’t really enough to make anything with so I decided to leave it. I also decided to leave the second pumpkin as it was without carving it, I thought it looked great as it was.

I actually think Blogtober went by pretty quickly. I’m going to be taking a couple of weeks off of blogging now to concentrate on other things but I’ve enjoyed doing Blogtober this year though.


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