Halloween Nails

Halloween is tomorrow so I thought I would paint my nails with a Halloween theme today, the majority of my nails are dotty with one pumpkin face on each thumbnail.

Halloween themed nails photo 1

The nail polish I used for this is the Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in the shade Bright Orange (it’s been my go to shade for Halloween nails since I got it a few years back) and the black nail art pen is by Seventeen.

nail polish, nail art pen and orange nails

I put around 2-3 coats of the orange nail polish on my nails then added the dots and pumpkin faces with the nail art pen.

Halloween nails - another photo

In between doing these photos I decided to add some clear nail polish by Seventeen over the top because the nail art pen nail polish was chipping out a bit where it’d gone on a bit too thick. I usually do this when doing nail art anyway, I find it lasts longer like that.


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