An Outfit For Gardening

I feel like I always seem to be talking about gardening on here in one way or another at the moment but today’s post is going to be all about an outfit I wear for gardening.

outfit for gardening photo 1

T-shirt: George at Asda
Leggings: Matalan (Papaya)
Coat: M&S (Per Una)

outfit for gardening photo 2

outfit for gardening photo 3

During the summer months I often wore one of my hoodies for gardening but over the past few weeks I’ve started wearing this coat instead. It’s a lovely brown coat with faux fur on the hood (I seem to notice a pattern appearing here with brown coats too).

I’ve got several pairs of these leggings (or ones very similar) so I often wear ones like this when I’m gardening. I have a few different t-shirts I like to wear for gardening as well, this one is a lovely Disney Minnie Mouse one that I’ve had for a good few years now but I still really like wearing it.

Generally instead of getting rid of clothes when they start looking a bit worn I tend to save them for gardening, though in saying that at least one of the tops I wear for gardening, I still wear normally for every day wear sometimes as well.


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