A Pink Jumper Outfit

I’m pretty sure this is the first proper outfit post I’ve done on here that wasn’t either a throwback post or new tops or anything like that.

outfit photo 1

Here I’m wearing a lovely pink top that has what looks like pink hundreds and thousands around the bottom of it which is really cool. I’ve had this top for a few years now and it’s lovely to wear.

outfit photo 2

outfit photo 3

Both the top and trousers are from M&S. I seem to be wearing these trousers in every blog post on here at the moment, I can assure you they aren’t the same pair though, I have 3 – two black and one navy pair.

My new phone case is in the picture above too, I recently got this from eBay and it’s so cute with little black hearts all over it (I know what I said on here before about only wanting a half clear cover so you can still see the phone’s rose gold but when I saw this one I loved it).

This post was supposed to go up last night but it was getting dark when I was doing the photos and I got to the point I wasn’t happy with any of it, but looking back at them today I’m like you know what they’re actually ok, so I thought this could be today’s post instead.


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