Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella

A book review for day 17 of Blogtober.


Rating: 5/5


I finished reading this story yesterday evening and first of all I just want to say, I loved it!

So this story is about a girl called Katie who is trying to make it in London, while also trying to pretend her life is perfect, then there’s her nightmare boss Demeter but maybe she isn’t quite who Katie thinks she is.

This story really makes you think about real vs. online vs. Katie, really? Someone else’s hot chocolate?!

I could relate to Katie in the sense of I was born near London, moved to the countryside (and near the sea) but still love the city.

I loved the love story between Katie and Alex though, I actually think Alex is cooler than Luke (from the Shopaholic series). Demeter was a brilliant character too, probably my most favourite in the whole book. I especially loved it when she turned up at the farm and the glamping business! How cool was that. I also loved the message of ‘always be yourself’ and I absolutely did love the ending.

There were some great funny moments and moments that really got me (page 406!) that was one of the most wow yay go Katie moments of the whole book.

I definitely recommend this to others to read. I literally couldn’t put it down the other night and didn’t stop reading until half 1 in the morning.


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