3 Outfits – A Fashion Throwback

I came across a bunch of old outfit photos the other week and thought they might make a good blog post now, so here goes – a fashion throwback from a few years ago, these are all from around 2014/15.

outfit photo, countryside 1

outfit photo, countryside 2

I was all about patterned leggings a few years ago, I practically lived in them for a while. These ones are by Papaya at Matalan. The top is TU at Sainsbury’s, the denim jacket is from Next and the boots are by Blowfish from Office.

outfit throwback photo 3

outfit throwback photo 4

The top is from M&S, the boots are by a brand called Essence and my sunglasses are from River Island (I used to wear these sunglasses loads) as I no longer have the jeans now, I’m not sure who they were by.

an outfit and a guitar

These have got to be the most random outfit photos I’ve ever done. The t-shirt is from Dorothy Perkins and the leggings are from ASOS. The guitar is by Elevation which I got from Argos.

I feel like my style has changed a lot over the past few years, it’s probably grown up a bit, not to say I don’t still wear things like this sometimes but I tend to balance my outfits out with more plainer things now as well.


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