Autumnal Lipsticks

This post was originally going to be ‘berry lipsticks’ but then when it came to it I found the shades I was picking for this were more autumnal than anything so I’ve decided to call it that instead. As much as I love reds and pinks, which really reds are very autumnal as well, I’m also into general autumn/berry shades at the moment which is great for the season we’re in now.

autumnal lipsticks

Rimmel London – Sloane’s Plum
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection – Grape
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection – Plum
NYX – Violet Ray
Seventeen – Rule Breaker

autumnal lipsticks second photo

I’ve done some swatches of the different shades as well…

autumnal lipsticks swatches

I feel like there’s a good mix of autumnal shades here. I’ve really been starting to build up my lipstick collection over the past year or so, the Seventeen lipsticks have been a firm favourite of mine for a long time (I have them in several different shades). I still love the colour of this one but I’m also really into the M&S lipsticks at the moment (there is one other one in the set with these two). My overall favourite from these 5 is probably the NYX one though, I just really like how deep the colour is of that one and it’s such a nice colour for this time of year. The Rimmel London one is a pretty colour too.

What are your go-to autumnal lipsticks?


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