A Tour Of My Room

If you haven’t already guessed by my sudden increase in blog posts on here over the past week, I’ve decided to take part in Blogtober. I didn’t want to say anything until now in case I got to day 3 and stopped, but here we are – day 5 and today I’m totally winging it. The posts on previous days were more planned out but today I’ve done the photos and writing all in the same day.

Generally speaking the furniture in my room is a bit mix and match, it’s not all one sort or anything but that’s how I like it. I’ve had the dark wood furniture for as long as I can remember, the light wood pieces are more recent additions. I have thought about renewing it and going for something more matching but for me I like this and while I still like it I don’t really want to change it. I actually bought all the light wood pieces around the same time from Argos.

room with furniture including bed, desk, cubes and wardrobe

Slopey ceilings mean things can be a little bit restricted when it comes to where the furniture can be positioned but that doesn’t stop me from moving things around, just the other week my cubes swapped sides again and my bed moved over a bit too, it’s made it seem like there’s much more space which is great… even if the lazy person in me now has to go over the other side of the room to put my glasses or cups on the cubes when my bedside cabinet has ran out of space.

Trying to get photos of this wasn’t easy, the sun was in a line right across the carpet earlier which looked weird in the photos so I had to wait and retake most of them when I came back home (I even tried hanging a t-shirt at the window at one point but it still wouldn’t block it from the floor).

desk, cubes and wardrobe

I’ll probably post a proper what’s on my cubes post on here soon (same with my desk when I’ve finished sorting it out) so I won’t go into detail on those now.

room - chair, guitar, my art

This lovely stripey chair is from Next, I’ve had it for about 5 years now, I used to have a throw on the back of it but more recently decided to just leave it as is so the stripes can be seen more. The cushion on the left is from Primark and the one on the right is from M&S.

The canvas print above is actually one of my designs I had printed onto canvas a few years back. I do want to get some more art to add to this wall at some point as it is looking a bit bare now I’ve moved the cubes from there but I haven’t decided on what to get yet.

bed, bedside cabinet

I think the bedding looks a bit autumn-y with it’s berry tones which I like.

other side of the room, wardrobe, cupboard

The last photo of this post is the other part of the room that has this sort of L shaped area off to the side.

Obviously my room doesn’t always look quite this tidy, I mean it is usually pretty tidy in here but I did have a bit of a sort out before taking the pictures for this post… my gardening clothes for example got put out on the landing instead of being strewn across the floor which is where they are again now.


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