Places To Go Walking: Stover Country Park

Stover Country Park is one of my most favourite places to go walking, after going there for the first time in 2013, I’ve been back several times since. It’s pretty local too which is great, I really don’t know why we didn’t start going there sooner.

One of the best areas is a walkway which takes you round to where there’s a bird feeder hanging, birds pop in and out to feed there all the time. The squirrels feed on the ground (you can see them climbing the trees around there too) I’ve seen birds there I haven’t seen anywhere else.

several birds on a feeder at Stover Country Park

blue jay and a squirrel, butterfly

signpost showing directions to different walks

There’s a good parking area under the trees and the walk itself has a lot of different routes but the main sort of area goes round in a circle by the lake, unlike some places where you get so far and have to pretty much go back the same way you can just go round in the circle if you don’t want to go any of the other routes.

blue tit sat on a branch

some trees

a bridge

duck on water

a pink flower

swan by the lake

There’s also a wooden hut with a lookout across the lake, when I went there a while ago I saw this swan hanging out there.

trees by the water

It’s just a lovely place to visit and is a great place to take your dog walking if you have one, it’s great for families too.

Have you been on any great walks recently?


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