A Quick & Easy Pasta Lunch

This is something I put together last week after a moment of what shall I have for lunch a couple of days before when I first tried this out. You can add whatever you want to this quick and easy pasta lunch, it’s pretty much a ‘what needs using up, let’s throw it in the mix’ sort of meal.

pasta meal in a bowl

Ingredients I used:
Spaghetti pasta from Waitrose Essentials
Beetroot (the pre-packaged kind)
Colslaw & potato salad from M&S
Medium cheddar grated cheese from Sainsbury’s

I cooked the pasta in water (with a bit of salt) on the hob then when it was cooked the chopped beetroot was added into the bowl first, then the colslaw/potato salad, I added the pasta on top and then the grated cheese before mixing it together.

cooked pasta and the pasta meal

The first time I tried this it was slightly different, for example I’m pretty sure I just had the colslaw with it instead of the potato salad as well but this time we’d nearly ran out of the colslaw so I ended up having a very small amount of colslaw with potato salad instead. Also I had corned beef with the first lot which we didn’t have this time.

This tasted lovely, it’s one of the best pasta meals I’ve ever done in my opinion (it must have been good to have a similar version of it again in such a short space of time). Something like this is probably going to be my go to pasta meal for lunch from now on.

What’s your favourite thing to put with pasta?


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