TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

There’s barely a day that goes by where I don’t have a list of TV either timer recorded to catch up on, or something I want to watch on catch up or on NOW TV, I really do think there’s a lot of great TV on at the moment.

Apple iPad Mini, Apple EarPods and Easter chickens

I thought I’d add a few Easter chickens into the photo since it’s Easter soon.

So, here are some of the TV shows I’ve been watching…

Keeping Faith I came across this by chance a few weeks ago and got really into watching it straight away. If you haven’t heard of it, basically it’s a drama set in Wales, there’s a husband and wife who are both lawyers and have their own firm but the husband goes missing, it’s shown on BBC Wales so I’ve been watching it on BBC iPlayer.

Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators a daytime drama that was shown over a couple of weeks recently, it’s really brilliant, as the name suggests it’s about private investigators, it’s got a great mix of drama and humour.

NCIS I started watching the latest season on NOW TV (I know, how many seasons has it been on for!) it’s fast becoming one of my favourite crime dramas to watch though.

Strike the TV series of the Robert Galbraith novels, I’ve read the books so of course I was going to watch the second series, I love the dynamic between Robin and Strike.

Nashville yay there’s a new season of Nashville to watch, boo it’s the last season! This show really got me into listening to country music, I still enjoy listening to music from season 1 now, I’ve got so many favourite songs from throughout the seasons. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it once Rayna left because she was my favourite character from the beginning but it’s still one of my favourite TV shows to watch, I watched the first two episodes of the new season last night, I’ll probably watch the third in a bit.

What TV shows have you been enjoying watching recently?


4 thoughts on “TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

  1. Bexa

    I have to admit I don’t watch much TV (unless it’s Coach Trip or Four In A Bed, ha ha). Having read your post, I do like the sound of Keeping Faith. It sounds like my kinda thing. I’ll bear that in mind as something new to watch. Thank you for the recommendations Victoria. Great post ? xx

    Bexa |


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